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Round nails are for romantic, relaxed occasions

Round acrylic nail shapes are perfect for the feminine, girly, and caring person. If you need a manicure to soften up your overall look, you should go with this acrylic nail shape! This is the classic shape, the most conservative and suitable for women of any age. It is often used for creating neutral less remarkable look. That’s why it is rarely chosen by young girls or fashion obsessed ones as it doesn’t let them stand out in a crowd and look extraordinary and unique. You’ll often find that round acrylic nail shapes work best when your nails are a bit shorter as well.

They are considered more durable and simple to take care of. Round edges cannot be easily damaged and get chipped, which is also an advantage.

Choosing round acrylic nail shape makes sense for people with wide nail beds and large hands. This way they can soften features of their hands and make them look thinner and more graceful. As you’ll see in the following photos that round nails work best with softer nail designs, pastel and more feminine colors, and more romantic, classy, and sophisticated nail art.

Natural acrylic nail shapes
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